A global analysis of matches and mismatches between human genetic and linguistic histories

Significance There has been considerable debate about the extent to which our biological and linguistic histories match to each other, supported by examples of both matches and mismatches. We introduce a genomic database (GeLaTo, or Genes and Languages Together) to quantify matches and mismatches worldwide.

Angiotensin II type‑1 receptor‑associated protein interacts with transferrin receptor‑1 and promotes its internalization

Kidney fibrosis is a common pathway that leads to chronic kidney disease. Angiotensin II type-1 receptor (AT1R)-associated protein (ATRAP) was originally identified as an AT1R-binding protein. Previously, we reported that systemic knockout of ATRAP exacerbates kidney fibrosis in aged mice.

Multifunctional chemical inhibitors of the florigen activation complex discovered by structure-based high-throughput screening

Structure-based high-throughput screening of chemical compounds that target protein–protein interactions (PPIs) is a promising technology for gaining insight into how plant development is regulated, leading to many potential agricultural applications.

Rapid and comprehensive diagnostic method for repeat expansion diseases using nanopore sequencing

We developed a diagnostic method for repeat expansion diseases using a long-read sequencer to improve currently available, low throughput diagnostic methods. We employed the real-time target enrichment system of the nanopore GridION sequencer using the adaptive sampling option, in which software-based target assignment is available without prior sample enrichment, and built an analysis pipeline that prioritized the disease-causing loci.