YCU's School of Medicine is dedicated to the development of competent and compassionate medical professionals who understand the needs of local, national and global communities, and will advocate for their patients' health and well-being. Our students are also encouraged to pursue creative research in the fields of medicine, medical sciences and nursing in order to promote the prosperity of humanity by actively finding solutions to issues in health care. In order to accomplish these goals, the school strives to become one of Japan's leading medical schools, which serves as a center of learning that passes on knowledge and innovative technology concerning health care.


Message from the Dean

As for our Medical Course, the success rate in the Japan Board of Medicine Certification is 97.0% (2024). With regard to the Nursing Course, the success rate in the National Nursing Examination is 100% (2024). Together with fostering professionals, we also put our emphasis on globalization. In collaboration with our valuable partners in the world, we are offering various opportunities for international exchange both in campus and abroad.