The School of Data Science fosters human resources who can create new social values from such enormous data. Students will learn the fundamental knowledge of mathematics, statistics and information technology which are necessary to process and understand data, communication skills which are indispensable in society, the idea of creating innovation, and business abilities that are applicable in the next generation.
Degree awarded Bachelor of Data Science

Duration 4 Years

Medium of instruction Mainly in Japanese

Courses in English Not available
Language requirements JLPT N2 or higher

Admissions test(s) Yes

Admissions statistics To be announced

Recommended for those who:

  • want to pursue a career in the field of artificial intelligence (AI) as an engineer
  • wish to discover social issues, and their corresponding solutions by analyzing big data
  • value the power of communication, and wish to help contribute to society
  • aspire to become practical and innovative business-people, who practice data driven decision making

Course Structure


Based on a study of relevant topics in mathematics, statistics, and computer science, including machine learning, data mining, data visualization and data management, we provide a fundamental understanding of the methods of data science. The curriculum also provides actual experience in front-line problems in a variety of application fields depending on each student’s interest such as business sciences, medicinal sciences and so on.

Merging arts and sciences

In addition to data science specific subjects such as statistics and computer science, our curriculum offers a wide variety of subjects in applied fields such as politics, economics, finance, public affairs, life science and others offered as subjects by the university. Our students have the freedom to choose subjects that appeal to them academically, and can help build their future careers.

Emphasis on real-life situations

We conduct PBL (Project Based Learning) in classrooms and also in companies, as well as some other institutions, which can provide good opportunities to have a wealth of exercises to cultivate communication skills and problem discovery/solving abilities.
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Message from the Dean

Along with the dramatic progress of information technology, various kinds of data are accumulating everywhere in society. It is required to find value from such data and to make rational and reasonable decisions based on the analysis of data. Because it is a changing society, we need a solid foundation that does not change in any case, and, of course, we need the ability to respond to change with flexible thinking that proceeds to create change for a new era. Life in the School of Data Science is a new opportunity that will be responsible for the next generation. Why don't you take the first step, and together let's make history!


School of Data Science Faculty List

Find out more about the School of Data Science's highly esteemed academic staff, and their research interests from the link below.