Career Development Support

Career Support Center

The Career Support Center provides a variety of career and job-hunting support to students - both local and international; from admission to graduation - to help our students achieve their career goals. In order to do that, the Career Support Center provides ample resources, programs, and services at every stage of the career planning proces; from providing career design lectures, to resume workshops and organising professional networking events.

We also do our best to help our students get advice about working in Japan, identify their skills, career interests and career options, and learn how to transition from academic life to the professional world.


International Student Career Development Program

YCU has received a 5-year-period grant for the “International Student Career Development Program” from the Japanese government in 2017. The main goal of the program is to provide career development support to international students in terms of Japanese language education, job-hunting support as well as internship placements.

Through the program, our international students have access to Japanese language programs tailored to help them with job-hunting, lectures or seminars on Japanese work culture, visits from various company representatives, and internship placements in various companies within the metropolitan area.

Our Career Support Center also provides one-on-one career counselling to help our international students discover or pursue the path that they have interests in, and then tailor their career development plans accordingly.


Career Supporter System

In order to support the career development of our students in their careers, we ask all graduates to register as Career Supporters, who can then use their experience to support current students in their job hunting activities. At present, we have 2770 alumni registered in our Career Supporter database. If you are an alumni who wish to register as a Career Supporter, please click the link below.