The Graduate School of Nanobioscience aims to contribute to the perpetual development of humanity by developing students into individuals who can further combine the fields of physics, chemistry, and life sciences and think of efficient solutions to the various problems facing human society from the perspective of the natural sciences.


Message from the Dean

Recent advances in natural science are based on academic systems that integrate traditional fields of physics, chemistry, biology, and informatics to elucidate natural phenomena, including life, as atomic and molecular systems. Based on the common philosophy of the Graduate School of Nanobioscience, which believes that complex functions and organizations of life are expressed by the systematization of material elements, the Graduate School conducts highly specialized education and research on hierarchical research specific to the two majors.
In addition, we have developed a state-of-the-art educational and research environment by collaborating with Japan's independent administrative agencies (RIKEN, Japan Agency for Marine-Earth Science and Technology, National Institute for Materials Science, National Institute of Agrobiological Sciences) and NTT Basic Research Laboratories. We also conduct education and research from a global perspective through our network with research and educational institutions outside Japan. In addition, to integrate science and technology with society, we have established a curriculum to acquire knowledge of social ethics, bioethics, patent and intellectual property management, and entrepreneurship of scientists. We support the construction of social careers and the development of global human beings who will lead the next generation.
We would like to encourage students who will research at our graduate school and play an active role in society.