The Department of Materials System Science teaches students to use experimental and computational science to elucidate nanosystems, including life systems, at the molecular, atomic, and subatomic levels and to comprehend environmental and energy problems scientifically. The department trains students to contribute to the perpetual development of humanity.
Degree awarded Master of Science (MSc); Doctor of Philosophy (Science)

Duration 2 Years (MA); 3 Years (PhD)

Medium of instruction Mainly in Japanese

Study in English Depends on supervisor
Language requirements JLPT N2 or higher

Non-degree program Available (Research only)

Admission capacity Master's program: 30, Doctoral program: 5

Course Structure


Master's program
Students will earn a total of 30 credits or more from the following subjects in two years.

Required (18 credits) General Subjects (6 credits), Special Research (8 credits) Special Exercises (4 credits)
Required selection (6 credits or more) Outline (4 credits or more), Practice (1 credit or more), Intellectual Property Management Subjects (1 credits or more)
Optional subjects (6 or more units) Specialization (6 credits or more)

Doctoral program
A total of 20 credits will be earned over the next three years from the following classes, and students will complete the doctoral thesis examination.

Required (18 credits) General Subjects (4 credits), Special Research (6 credits) Special Exercises (8 credits)
Optional subjects (2 or more units) Research (2 credits or more)
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Bioorganic chemistry, Cluster science, Condensed matter physics, Electrodynamics, Inorganic chemistry, Inorganic photochemistry, Light/sensory information, Mass spectrometry, Materials science, Materials science, Natural products chemistry, Physical chemistry, Solid state physical chemistry, Solid state physics, Solid-earth geophysics, Surface material science, Surface science, Surface/nanostructure physics, Theoretical chemical physics, Theoretical condensed matter physics, etc.


Department of Materials System Sciences Faculty List

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