The Graduate School of Medicine aims to contribute to the development of society by nurturing students into individuals who can make valuable contributions to both local and global society and through innovative research. To accomplish these goals, the school strives to develop more advanced academic knowledge and practical skills from a foundation of medical and scientific knowledge and technology.


Message from the Dean

In our Graduate School of Medicine, various research is being conducted in a wide range of medical areas, including basic medical research to understand the mechanisms of diseases, clinical medical research to prevent and treat diseases, and nursing research to support people's health. Furthermore, these research activities are expanding globally through research collaboration with domestic and international research institutions and researchers, as well as through information and human resource exchange.

The research activities of "creation of knowledge" play a crucial role in solving many problems in society in realizing people’s wellbeing—the pursuit of higher quality health and happiness. Through these research activities, we aim to make a broad contribution to society.

The speed of progress in modern science, technology, and information science is astonishing. The same is true of medicine and its related fields of research. Under these circumstances, it is of utmost importance to experience not only being a recipient of information, but also discovering and creating new knowledge through research, and disseminating such original information created by our own hands. Through these activities, at the same time, you have valuable opportunities to enhance your scientific literacy.

As an important mission of our Graduate School, we are committed to providing you with friendly support so that you can become proficient in research methods in basic medicine, clinical medicine, or nursing, acquire practical skills, and become independent researchers while adhering to research ethics.