The Graduate School of Data Science aims to develop and produce data scientists with advanced skills and practical skills that can bring innovation to society by analyzing and utilizing data using advanced technologies such as IoT and AI for Society 5.0. In particular, as a comprehensive university with a medical school, we will work to develop practical human resources who can make policy decisions based on data in the health fields such as prevention, medical care, and nursing care, based on cross-disciplinary research capabilities in multiple fields.


Message from the Dean

The Graduate School of Data Science consists of the following two Departments, and aims to contribute to society by nurturing advanced data science professionals who will be responsible for the future “Super Smart Society (Society 5.0)”.

The Department of Data Science is mainly for fresh graduates and working adults. In this Department, students will learn a series of processes through Project-Based Learning (PBL) to clarify social issues that need to be solved through the power of data science by collaborating with practitioners who are facing these issues. Students are also trained and expected to contribute to the real world through the collection and analysis of data and the development of new analysis methods.

The Department of Health Data Science is a nationally recognized program, which offers an educational system that is unique to Yokohama City University – the only university in Japan to have both a School of Data Science and a School of Medicine. The Department is designed mainly for medical professionals and other specialists who have health-related professional backgrounds (prevention, medical care, nursing care, etc.). Students will learn how to use data science methods to solve various issues in the health field, which is undeniably one of the greatest concerns of the general public.

The faculty, students, and other members of the Graduate School work together and strive to contribute to the creation of new values and the solution of real-world problems through the utilization of data, and to conduct academic research in the field of data science, with the aim of realizing a society that can enjoy the benefits of data science.