Students will develop business management skills necessary for working at global companies, capabilities for planning and carrying out new business plans, and understanding of advanced theories and practices. The School of Economics and Business Administration aims to nurture professionals who are active in a wide range of private and public sectors, and are equipped with a high level of proficiency in English.
Degree awarded Bachelor of Economics or Bachelor of Business Administration

Duration 4 Years

Medium of instruction Mainly in Japanese

Courses in English Some courses available
Language requirements JLPT N2 or higher

Admissions test(s) Yes

Admissions statistics To be announced

Recommended for those who:

  • are interested in learning methods for planning a business and starting a company
  • want to acquire business management skills for working in global corporations
  • aspire to become a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), tax accountant, etc.
  • would like to focus on financial agencies' activities in the Bank of Japan's monetary policy
  • are considering potential career paths at private firms, public agencies, local governments, etc.

Course Structure


Experience learn-by-doing in Yokohama and in corporations, while learning how to write business plans and proposals with a cross-disciplinary apporach

Making the most of our relationship with the city of Yokohama, the university provides training in business plan proposals, working with the local government and corporations. The training integrates humanities and science in collaboration with the School of Data Science and the School of Medicine.

Short-term study abroad programs and summer seminars for promoting international experience

Up to 100 students per year are encouraged to participate in summer seminars overseas and study abroad programs to gain experience outsie Japan. We particularly encourage sophomores to actively involve themselves in the study abroad programs or seminars from June to September. Besides that, international students are also invited to interact with the local students in the summer programs.

Nurture practical skills through work placements abroad

We offer opportunites for internships in international companies and institutions to gain global perspectives and management skills vital for conducting business.
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Message from the Dean

YCU's origin can be traced back to the Yokohama School of Commerce, which was founded in 1882 just after the port of Yokohama was open. Students at YCU learn problem-solving management skills, based on our principle 'developing talent through relationships'. We capitalize on our broad network of alumni currently active in the business world, and our location in one of the major global commercial hubs in Japan.


Insight into the School of Economics and Business Administration

The following list shows some of the courses you can take in our School of Economics and Business Administration in English.

  • Global Business Administration
  • Global Business Strategy
  • Global Organization Theory
  • Japanese Industry
  • Japanese Economy
  • Global Leadership
  • Global Service Management
  • Global Human Resource Development
  • Introductory Accounting
  • Intermediate Accounting
  • International Business
  • Basics of Corporate Analysis and Valuation
  • Global Innovation Management
  • Global Marketing
  • Advanced Topics in Economics
  • Introduction to IFRSs