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Student groups & activities in YCU's Hakkei campus

Kanazawa-hakkei (Hakkei) campus is YCU's main campus, which houses the university's trademark clock tower and ginkgo tree-lined main streets. Most of our undergraduate and graduate schools are based here, as is YCU's central administration. Our Hakkei campus also houses a variety of campus clubs and societies, as well as facilities including a training gym and pool that students can use absolutely free of charge.
Getting involved with societies is one of the best things about being a student - it can hands down give you some of the best experiences of your university life. No matter what your interests - sports, singing, helping others, learning - there's a society for you somewhere in YCU. The range of clubs and circles reflects our diverse student population, sporting facilities and breadth of subjects. Club activities are also a great way to meet like-minded individuals - some of whom may be your friends for life, long after you leave university! YCU's alumni are very actively involved in the clubs they were once a part of - participating in casual tournaments or attending club reunions.

Student Profiles


Sports at Hakkei Campus



From baseball to hockey, cheerleading to rugby, Yokohama City University offers a range of sports and activities that feature healthy competition in a more casual environment. Whether you want to try something new or are dedicated to your chosen sport, there are always lots of opportunities to get involved. We hope you enjoy being part of sport at YCU.


Arts & Culture at Hakkei Campus



Our student arts and culture clubs are also an integral and active part of campus life. Whether you're looking to continue dancing, new to singing a capella, looking for likeminded individuals who enjoy creating art, or simply keen to experience traditional Japanese cultural activities such as tea ceremonies, Yokohama City University has something for everyone.