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Everything that you should know about YCU


Student Life, Club Activities and Societies in Kanazawa-Hakkei Campus

Kanazawa-hakkei (Hakkei) campus is YCU's main campus, which houses the university's trademark clock tower and ginkgo tree-lined main streets. Most of our undergraduate and graduate schools are based here, as is YCU's central administration. Our Hakkei campus also houses a variety of campus clubs and societies, as well as facilities including a training gym and pool that students can use absolutely free of charge.

Student Life, Club Activities and Societies in Fukuura Campus

Located just a couple of minutes away from our Hakkei campus on the Seaside Line, Fukuura campus is second-home to most of our medical students. Although smaller in size compared to our main campus, Fukuura campus is not only on the same grounds as one of our university hospitals, it also has its very own facilities, such as a baseball field, tennis courts, a gymnasium, and so much more. Our Fukuura campus is also given the moniker 'YCU Med' when it comes to clubs and societies based in the seaside campus.
Living in Yokohama

Some useful information to help you settle down in, or simply enjoy the city of Yokohama. Includes information on the cost-of-living, sightseeing locations, activities, and dining options in and around the port city.


We know that leaving home is a big step, and for a lot of you, it will be your first time living away from family. Here are some information on accommodation for YCU students and the support we can give in terms of finding one.

Clubs & Societies

Lists of clubs and societies in both our Kanazawa-Hakkei and Fukuura campuses. Our students both work hard and play hard, and they're more than happy to welcome new members regardless if you're a local or international student.

Health & Wellness

Information on our Health Management Center - its hours, location and services, because we at YCU understand that maintaining a healthy mind and body is essential to have a fulfilling student life.


Snapshots from YCU


YCU Campus Life

YCU students work hard when comes to their studies, but know how to have fun when it comes to club activities. On top of that, a lot of our students also have part-time jobs. Many of our students think of themselves as pretty relaxed, and that their university is small, but cozy and warm. People know each other, students and teachers regularly talk, or even have lunch breaks together. Nonetheless, behind that relaxed front are very ambitious young minds, many of whom strive to think of ways to make the city of Yokohama - and the world, a better place. The best way to experience all this is to come and see for yourself, so, we hope to see more of you here in YCU in the future!