Provision of pre-departure information

Prior to the arrival of international students, we send them information to make the transition to Japan as smooth as possible. We coordinate the arrival of each student and provide details on the necessary visa, available accommodations, Japan’s National Health Insurance, mobile phones, Internet, and so forth.


Orientation for new international students

We hold orientations before the start of each semester in which we provide details on registration, on the services available at YCU, and on life in general in Yokohama.


Tutor program

Every new international student is matched with a peer. Tutors are coached to provide assistance at university. Of course, the International Affairs Team is never far behind to help with more difficult situations.


Information on YCU’s Student Health Center

Maintaining a healthy mind and body is essential to have a fulfilling student life. That is why we encourage students to take full advantage of the Student Health Center. There is always a nurse at the center who can administer first-aid treatment for open wounds or conduct general medical examinations and consultations.


Japanese language courses

YCU offers a wide range of Japanese language courses. For those with no Japanese language skills, learning the basics can be very useful for everyday life in Japan, while those who have a head start on the road to fluency will appreciate the intermediate and more advanced levels we also propose.


Assistance with housing matters

Assistance in finding affordable accommodation will be provided to exchange students. Our international students will either be placed in the Yokohama International Student House or YCU’s International Dormitory (shared house). In some cases, YCU can also introduce the students to real estate companies which specialise in accommodating international students.


Career development

YCU has received a 5-year-period grant for the “International Student Career Development Program” from the Japanese government in 2017. The main goal of the program is to provide career development support to international students in terms of Japanese language education, job-hunting support as well as internship placements.

Through the program, our international students have access to Japanese language programs tailored to help them with job-hunting, lectures or seminars on Japanese work culture, visits from various company representatives, and internship placements in various companies within the metropolitan area.

Our Career Support Center also provides one-on-one career counselling to help our international students discover or pursue the path that they have interests in, and then tailor their career development plans accordingly.