Association of Reversal of Renin Suppression With Long-Term Renal Outcome in Medically Treated Primary Aldosteronism

BACKGROUND: Renin suppression in primary aldosteronism indicates mineralocorticoid receptor activation via excessive aldosterone secretion, inducing renal damage. We investigated whether the reversal of renin suppression after the initiation of mineralocorticoid receptor antagonist therapy was associated with long-term renal outcomes in medically treated patients with primary aldosteronism.

Structural basis of CXC chemokine receptor 1 ligand binding and activation

Neutrophil granulocytes play key roles in innate immunity and shaping adaptive immune responses. They are attracted by chemokines to sites of infection and tissue damage, where they kill and phagocytose bacteria.

Nudging public budget officers: A field-based survey experiment

Existing research has focused on budget officers' intertemporal decision-making but has not addressed the problem that budget officers tend to underestimate future outcomes in the budget process.

Intratumoral Tumor Infiltrating Lymphocytes (TILs) are Associated With Cell Proliferation and Better Survival But Not Always With Chemotherapy Response in Breast Cancer

Objective: To investigate the clinical relevance of intratumoral tumor infiltrating lymphocytes (TILs) in breast cancer as measured by computational deconvolution of bulk tumor transcriptomes.