A pipeline for complete characterization of complex germline rearrangements from long DNA reads

Many genetic/genomic disorders are caused by genomic rearrangements. Standard methods can often characterize these variations only partly, e.g., copy number changes or breakpoints. It is important to fully understand the order and orientation of rearranged fragments, with precise breakpoints, to know the pathogenicity of the rearrangements.

Robust detection of undifferentiated iPSC among differentiated cells

Recent progress in human induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSC) technologies suggest that iPSC application in regenerative medicine is a closer reality. Numerous challenges prevent iPSC application in the development of numerous tissues and for the treatment of various diseases. A key concern in therapeutic applications is the safety of the cell products to be transplanted into patients. Here, we present novel method for detecting residual undifferentiated iPSCs amongst directed differentiated cells of all three germ lineages.

The protective effect of Bifidobacterium bifidum G9-1 against mucus degradation by Akkermansia muciniphila following small intestine injury caused by a proton pump inhibitor and aspirin

Proton pump inhibitors (PPIs) can alleviate upper gastrointestinal injury but paradoxically exacerbate aspirin (ASA)-induced small intestine injury. In this study, our goal was to simulate this exacerbation by developing an appropriate animal model, which may help in establishing treatments. Methods: Male mice were fed a 60% fructose diet for 9 weeks, then administered 200 mg/kg ASA 3 h before sacrifice. The PPI omeprazole was administered intraperitoneally once daily for 9 weeks.

Transplantation of fetal liver tissue coated by ultra-purified alginate gel over liver improves hepatic function in the cirrhosis rat model

In this study, we used a new coating agent, that is, ultra-purified alginate gel (UPAL), for fetal liver tissue transplantation. This study aims to compare the effect of UPAL with the effect of other coating agents on improving the effect of fetal liver tissue transplantation in a liver cirrhosis rat model.