F-actin regulates polarized secretion of pollen tube attractants in Arabidopsis synergid cells

Pollen tube attraction is a key event of sexual reproduction in flowering plants. In the ovule, two synergid cells neighboring the egg cell control pollen tube arrival via the active secretion of attractant peptides such as AtLURE1 and XIUQIU from the filiform apparatus (FA) facing toward the micropyle. Distinctive cell polarity together with longitudinal F-actin and microtubules are hallmarks of the synergid cell in various species, though the functions of these cellular structures are unclear.

Early alveolar epithelial cell necrosis is a potential driver of COVID-19-induced acute respiratory distress syndrome

Highlights •An old woman developed interstitial pneumonia after mRNA-1273 vaccination. •The patient's symptoms, laboratory findings, and images were similar to those of COVID-19. •Serological and pathological tests were useful in diagnosing vaccine-induced acute respiratory distress syndrome. •Serum level of antibodies against spike protein was extremely high.

RNA-Binding Proteins of KHDRBS and IGF2BP families control the Oncogenic Activity of MLL-AF4

Chromosomal translocation generates the MLL-AF4 fusion gene, which causes acute leukemia of multiple lineages. MLL-AF4 is a strong oncogenic driver that induces leukemia without additional mutations and is the most common cause of pediatric leukemia. However, establishment of a murine disease model via retroviral transduction has been difficult owning to a lack of understanding of its regulatory mechanisms.

Structural basis of transcription regulation by CNC family transcription factor, Nrf2

Abstract Several basic leucine zipper (bZIP) transcription factors have accessory motifs in their DNA-binding domains, such as the CNC motif of CNC family or the EHR motif of small Maf (sMaf) proteins. CNC family proteins heterodimerize with sMaf proteins to recognize CNC–sMaf binding DNA elements (CsMBEs) in competition with sMaf homodimers, but the functional role of the CNC motif remains elusive.