The goal of the Graduate School of Medical Life Science is to establish biomedical science at the atomic and molecular level as a new field in biology. The aim of this is to equip students with research and development capabilities befitting the post-genome era. As such, the focus of the school’s postgraduate education is on giving students a foundation in “quantitative and technical thought processes at atomic and molecular level” and the “capacity for application and development to medical sciences”.

Research Groups


Structural Biology

Kyohei Arita, Professor
Terukazu Nogi, Associate Professor

Cell Integrative Science

Naoko Imamoto, Visiting Professor
Hidehiro Fukuyama, Visiting Associate Professor

Functional Structure Biology

Hideo Takahashi, Professor
Yukio Sasaki, Associate Professor
Masayoshi Sakakura, Assistant Professor

Intracellular Structure and Function

Kentaro Tomii, Visiting Professor
Kazuhiro Mio, Visiting Professor

Biomembrane Dynamics

Tomohiro Nishizawa, Professor
Yongchan Lee, Assistant Professor

Cellular Structural Dynamics

Mikako Shirouzu, Visiting Professor
Syunichi Sekine, Visiting Professor

Drug Design

Jeremy R. H. Tame, Professor
Sam-Yong Park, Professor
Kenji Mizutani, Assistant Professor

Molecular Science for Drug Discovery

Yukihide Momozawa, Visiting Professor
Akira Wada, Visiting Associate Professor

Medicinal Chemistry

Yosuke Demizu, Visiting Professor

Structural Epigenetics

Takahisa Ikegami, Professor
Satoko Akashi, Professor
Tsuyoshi Konuma, Assistant Professor

Metabolism and Epigenetics

Yoichi Shinkai, Visiting Professor
Makoto Arita, Visiting Professor
Hiroshi Tsugawa, Visiting Assistant Professor

Computational Life Science

Mitsunori Ikeguchi, Professor
Kei Terayama, Associate Professor
Toru Ekimoto, Assistant Professor

Environmental Factor Analysis

Jun Kikuchi, Visiting Professor
Shigeharu Moriya, Visiting Associate Professor

Molecular and Cellular Biology

Tetsuro Kokubo, Professor
Atsushi Suzuki, Professor


Hiroshi Ohno, Visiting Professor
Taishin Akiyama, Visiting Professor
Takashi Kanaya, Visiting Assistant Professor

Biopharmaceutical and Regenerative Sciences

Nana Kawasaki, Professor
Hiroshi Kawasaki, Associate Professor

Functional Genomics

Takahiro Suzuki, Visiting Associate Professor
Hazuki Takahashi, Visiting Assistant Professor

Molecular Medical Bioscience

Kohtaro Takei, Professor
Kohsuke Kataoka, Associate Professor
Ikuko Hayashi, Associate Professor


Atsushi Miyawaki, Visiting Professor
Takaharu Okada, Visiting Professor