Study Abroad in Yokohama City University

Yokohama is a vibrant port city loved by its citizens, open and welcoming to visitors, and famous for its easy-going atmosphere. The largest municipality in Japan, Yokohama is conveniently located in the center of the country — with easy access to other major cities in Japan by bullet train and less than 30 minutes from Haneda Airport for direct international flights to most areas. It is also a key venue for world-level sports competitions as well as international conventions.

As the first port in Japan to open to the world in 1859, Yokohama is a place where the new and the old come together in harmony. While the city is at the cutting edge of technology, it also cherishes its many historic assets. It offers the dynamism and diversity of city life, but also havens of serenity with more quiet locales such as its traditional Japanese garden. In addition, Yokohama is dedicated to preserving urban green spaces and is a pioneer of citywide eco-friendly efforts.

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The International Affairs Office is international students’ first point of contact with YCU. It also provides study abroad opportunities to local students.

Global Cooperation Institute for Sustainable Cities

The Global Cooperation Institute for Sustainable Cities (GCI) was founded in 2011 within YCU for three purposes: (i) to promote the IACSC activities as its Secretariat, (ii) to enhance the cooperation among universities as well as city-to-city collaboration, and (iii) to contribute to nurturing students who can be competitive with leadership roles in the international arena. Students at YCU and other member universities participate in the IACSC activities and interact with each other actively in group work and field studies, where they acquire the abilities to express their opinions, lead discussions, and take necessary actions.

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Exchange Student Profiles


Alric Françon

Exchange Student, France

As an exchange student, I wanted to continue playing sports. I have been practicing judo since my childhood, and therefore, when I arrived at YCU, I immediately looked for the judo club. The Judo club members welcomed me, and they seemed to be very happy to share their activities with an exchange student. I could also explain how I learned judo in France. By joining the club, I could easily make friends. Furthermore, it became really interesting to improve my Japanese language skills. For those reasons, I recommend every exchange student to join a club or a circle.

Kim Ji-Yun

Exchange Student, South Korea

In the Japanese language classes, we did not just learn Japanese, but also participated in activities such as making videos and presenting them to our Japanese peers, or reading and discussing current issues in Japan. Besides, the Japanese teachers are always ready to answer our questions, and teach us in detail, so we don’t have to worry about our Japanese language abilities.

Carla Harold

Exchange Student, Austria

YCU offers a number of courses in English. Most of them are for Global and Asian Studies, but some courses in other subject areas can be found too. The university is relatively small in size, but this also brings advantages. Class sizes are small with a low student-teacher ratio. This also makes it easy to connect with Japanese students, which is also a great encouragement to learn some Japanese during the exchange.