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We published two papers both in Scientific Reports almost sequentially in the last few days. It’s just coincidence that they appeared same time in the same journal. It is my great pleasure in any case to publish our works to let them open to many readers. Please look at the publication corner for their detail. We will keep working hard to solve problems we are facing about in vitro spermatogenesis.


It is my great pleasure that our research paper, “In vitro spermatogenesis in isolated seminiferous tubules of immature mice,” was finally published in PlosONE, this day. This study started when Master course student Xuemin Feng took interested in this theme, to pursue a minimal anatomical unit that can be cultured for in vitro spermatogenesis. Her elegant experimental skill along with a tenacious hard work proved that an isolated seminiferous tubule can support spermatogenesis. However, it also took additional work by Yuki Yamashita and others to repeat and refine the technique and accumulate experimental data to finally complete the study.


Takehiko Ogawa and Takuya Sato moved from Graduate School of Medical Life Science to the Department of Regenerative Medicine, Graduated School of Medicine. The Department of Regenerative Medicine thus became a unique combination of two research groups, one working on germ cells and in vitro spermatogenesis, the other working on the regeneration of endodermal organs, like liver and pancreas, and regeneration of cartridges. We will collaborate in a really productive manner in research as well as in student education.

In this Corona pandemic, it’s difficult to socialize with new members in a regular manner. I’m really looking forward to the day when we can eat and drink out together. by Takehiko Ogawa