Subject List

Development of proteome analysis techniques

Mass Spectrometric Analysis

Hisashi Hirano Development of mass spectrometry and related techniques for analysis of protein post-translational modifications
Mitsuo Takayama Analysis of post-translational modification using laser desorption / ionization mass spectrometry

Structural Analysis

Kazuhiro Ogata Role of post-translational modification in transcriptional regulation
Mamoru Sato X-ray analyses and structural biology of post-translational
modification enzymes
Akinori Kidera Post-translational modification by polyubiquitin chain: its structure,
dynamics, and function

Proteomics of disease-associated PTM proteins


Shigeo Ohno Identification of the physiological and pathological significance of post-translational modification
Hideki Taniguchi Role of post-translational modifications in stem cell regulation
Naomichi Matsumoto Isolation of molecules responsible for human developmental disorders and development of diagnostic methods
Tomio Inoue Technical development of molecular imaging and clinical diagnosis, related to post-translational modification

Mental and Neurological Diseases

Takuya Takahashi Post-translational modifications in mental disorder
Yoshio Goshima Identification and development of biomarker proteins for diseases

Immunology and Infectious Diseases

Tomohiko Tamura Regulation of transcription factors in the immune system by posttranslational
Akihide Ryo Virological and proteomic analysis of human immunodeficiency virus infection for antiviral drug discovery

Functional Foods

Hisashi Hirano Effects of functional foods on protein profiles and signal
transduction in humans
Shigeo Ohno Development of biomarkers and products for health improvements
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