Establishment of Research Center

Why post-translational modifications?

Proteins are post-translationally modified with various modification groups and many proteins function normally after the post-translational modification (PTM) (Fig. 2). When PTM of proteins is abnormal, they cannot function and this often causes diseases (Fig. 3). Previously, highly sensitive and rapid analytical techniques were not available to detect each PTM. Therefore, in most cases, it was impossible to detect the abnormal PTM. However, recently, mass spectrometry and its related techniques, protein database and computer software have been rapidly developed. Consequently, we had increased possibility to analyze efficiently PTM. Simultaneously, techniques to validate the function of PTM have also developed. Considering this background, Yokohama City University started studying on the relation between abnormal PTM and diseases in 2008 to construct the research center for clinical proteomics of PTM.

Why Yokohama City University?

It is essential to develop effective analytical techniques for PTM in order to perform efficiently this project, and by using the developed techniques, the relation between PTM and diseases can be analyzed to find biomarker and drug target candidates. For this study, collaboration among investigators in the fields of medical sciences, pharmaceutical sciences, proteomics, structural biology, and engineering may be crucial. Yokohama City University has a good complement of the investigators in these fields, and a good facility to perform the works. Yokohama City University provides an appropriate environment as this sort of research center.

Why collaboration with industries and university is necessary?

One of the objectives in this project is to train young investigator for the next generation and to construct the research center where the innovation can be created and the basic research can be performed to reach finally the stage of practical application. For this purpose, collaboration with industries and university is indispensable.

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