Outline of the Project

Post-translational modification (PTM) is involved in regulation of protein functions such as various biological activities, interaction and localization. It is known that abnormality of PTM is related to some diseases. However, there is not enough information of the relation between PTMs and diseases. Yokohama City University started investigating the relation in collaboration with industries in the Advanced Medical Research Center. Our research works are 1) to develop the more effective techniques to analyze PTMs; 2) to determine the function of PTMs in disease-associated proteins, and explore biomarker and drug target candidates; 3) to validate the relation between PTM and diseases in human samples; 4) to develop the assay techniques to detect biomarkers; and 5) design of drugs for drug targets (Fig. 1). On the other hand, diseased tissues and plasma (serum) with the informed consent and precise clinical information are collected from patients and preserved in the Biobank, which was founded in the Advanced Medical Research Center. These samples are invaluable to validate extensively and rapidly the biomarker candidates at a low cost. This project encourages young investigator for clinical proteomics, and industries at the core of this research center of clinical proteomics. In 2012, a new building of the Advanced Medical Research Center is to be constructed in the campus of the Medical School (Fukuura). This facility will be useful to encourage the young investigator and the core industries.

Fig. 1 Flow sheet of research

1) Techniques are developed to detect and identify abnormal PTM of proteins (Creation of analytical techniques);
2) Using the developed techniques, proteins with abnormal PTM are detected and identified by mass spectrometry (Detection of PTM);
3) The function of PTMs and the relation of PTMs with diseases are investigated (Validation of PTM);
4) The biomarker and drug target candidates are reached the stage of practical application (Diagnosis with the biomarker);
5)The structure of drug target is determined and the drugs for the diseases are designed (Design of drug targets). 1)-5) can be performed in the Research Center constructed in this project.

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