Applied Linguistics Seminar at YCU

The seminar deals with the issues in applied linguistics such as language education and health care communication. You will learn key concepts and theories in applied linguistics in the second year, and research methodologies in the third year. You will focus on your dissertation in the fourth year.

YCU Applied Linguistics

YCU Applied Linguistics 2020 (Vol.1) pdf

Applied Linguistics Seminar 2019

18th Jan 2020
Fieldwork Report (Tokyo) pdf

24th Jan 2020
Graduation Thesis Presentation 2020

1 Takafumi Okumura:Relevance in a children’s film: a case study of Toy Story
2 Yuya Wada: Analysing the current usage and the students’ comprehension of ryakuji and zokuji
3 Miko Takahashi: Comparing non-verbal features and openness in unique Manzai with classic
Manzai:An analysis of gaze and posture
4 Sayaka Yamada: An analysis of sentence final particles in communication among Japanese youth
5 Kota Kumano: Changes in junior high school textbooks and teacher perceptions after the reform of the Course of Study
6 Chiharu Nadarame: Toward the revitalization of Ainu language
7 Miri Matsumaru: A multimodal analysis of the subtitles of Japanese and South Korean TV shows
8 Ayano Endo:Analyzing processes of making decision in student group meetings: focusing on sequences

25th Mar 2020
Graduation Day 2020

Applied Linguistics Seminar 2018

Aug 2018
Fieldwork Presentation (Scotland) pdf webiste
Fieldwork Report (Scotland) pdf

Feb 2019
Fieldwork Report (Tokyo) pdf

Applied Linguistics Seminar 2017