The 1st International Workshop on Health Communication and Safety

Time & Date: 14.00pm-18.00pm, Thursday 26th September 2019
Place: Yokohama Minami Ward City Hall Access Google Map

Pre-session: A Study Tour to Yokohama City University Medical Centre

11:00   A Study tour by Kyota Nakamura
12:30   Lunch break

Programme (tentative)

14:00-14:10 Opening: The EYE WORK Project (Keiko Tsuchiya, Yokohama City University)

14:10-15:50 Panel Session 1: Simulation and Safety in Healthcare
Panel 1 (20mins):
Projection in emergency care interaction: a leader’s gaze
(Frank Coffey, University of Nottingham)
Panel 2 (15mins):
Resilient performance of medical team in responding to
unexpected clinical event
(Kyota Nakamura, Takuma Sakai, Yokohama City University Medical Centre)
Panel 3 (15mins):
A Mixed-method Approach to Extract Good Practice from a University Hospital Information System
(Takeru Abe, Yokohama City University Medical Centre)
Panel 4 (15mins):
Quantitative Skill Evaluation Method for Emergency Physicians
Using Integrated Information from the Trajectories and Conversations
(Kei Sato, Tsukuba University, the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology)
Panel 5 (15mins):
The effect of grouping alternatives in check-all-that-apply questions
(Takahiro Tsuchiya, Yokohama City University)

Q&A and Discussion (20mins): Discussant Keiko Tsuchiya

15:50-16:10 Break (20mins)

16:10-17:50 Panel Session 2: Healthcare Interaction and Technology for Education
Panel 6 (20mins):
The creation and validation of a holistic video-based situation awareness training and assessment tool for trauma team leaders
(Andrew MacKenzie, Nottingham Trent University)
Panel 7 (15mins):
Using immersive virtual environment for educational purposes
(Miharu Fuyuno, Kyushu University)
Panel 8 (15mins) :
Image processing technology for interaction analysis
(Takeshi Saitoh, Kyushu Institute of Technology)
Panel 9 (15mins) :
Dialogue to Collaborate with Clients in Coaching and Narrative Therapy
(Shoko Yohena, Ferris University)
Panel 10 (15mins):
Request and rapport in emergency care simulation training
(Akira Taneichi, Keiko Tsuchiya, Yokohama City University)
Q&A and Discussion (20mins): Discussant (Keiko Tsuchiya)
17:50-18:00 Closing: Keiko Tsuchiya

Registration: Free.
To register for the event please email Keiko Tsuchiya: