Graduate School of International Management Faculty: Master's Program


Associate Professor
Experimental studies on industries focusing on automobiles and electronics.
Research on innovations by manufacturers.

Associate Professor
Experimental studies on corporate turnaround and M&As, based on strategic management theories especially the resource-based view.
CHANG Ying-Hsin

For developing effective best practices, I examine how accounting information (Japanese, American, and IAS/IFRS) influence disclosure strategies by companies and decision making by investors.

Associate Professor
Strategic management accounting:
In my research, I examine management of modern-day businesses from the perspective of strategic management systems to determine the ideal management accounting system. My study especially focuses on the impact experienced by organizational culture with the introduction of activity-based costing (ABC) and balanced scorecards (BSC) in the 1990s as cost and business management systems.
IWASA Tomoko

Associate Professor
Corporate innovation as the source of competitiveness.
Influence of competition, product life cycle, and a decrease in demand on industrial structure.

- Service value creation and corporate transformation theory.
- Research on business models in the manufacturing sector (electronics manufacturers, service industry) in the era of service economy.
- Research on global service management and service innovation (sectors of retail distribution, manufacturing, communication and others).

Key research papers and publications include "Studies on Customer Services Optimization by Using the SCIM," The Era of Consultants - Knowledge Workers of the 21st Century (Bunshu Shinsho), Practical Textbook on MBA-Style Management (PAL Publishing), and more.
KANG Seongill

Information Economics: Information asymmetry can be a major source of market failures. For example, fund flow to a healthy company may be disrupted due to the lack of knowledge on the lender's side regarding the capability of the borrower to pay back. The study of Information Economics examines such issues to come up with possible solutions.
KOOK Joongho

My research fields include the topics related to Human Capital Investments and Tax Policies as well as Comparative Study of Public Finance and Tax Systems between Japan and South Korea. Those topics are deeply related to my doctoral thesis: The Economic Effects of Human Capital Investment and Tax Policy (Hitotsubashi University) and Comparative Study of the Characteristics of South Korean and Japanese Tax Systems (Korea University). Recently, I am also interested in the topics on Local Public Finance, Intergovernmental Relations.

Associate Professor
My research addresses the following topics in the public sector (including non-profit hospitals and universities) using empirical analysis based on statistical data:
(1) Determinants and economic consequences of accounting disclosures
(2) Earnings quality
(3) Effects of governance related to board of trustees
MIURA Takashi

(1) Study on the effects of voluntary accounting disclosures
(2) Study on the impact of International Financial Reporting Standards on domestic accounting practices
(3) Roles of accounting and non-accounting information in an accounting disclosure

Associate Professor
Commercial law with a focus on corporate law is my expertise. My current research examines responsibilities of directors regarding internal control, and how they relate with business judgement rule.

Associate Professor
(1) Management information (study on e-business management): Improving the quality, enhancing, and systemizing processes such as business planning, design, procurement, and marketing
(2) Technology management: Study on the relationship between R&D activities and their output in high-tech industries

My research interest is theory of accounting policy. Theory of accounting policy includes macro-accounting policy as accounting standard setting and micro-accounting policy which predicts firm's accounting policy choice. An analysis of the value relevance of accounting policy choice is one of the mainstream of accounting research.

My specialty field is Industrial Organization. I am studying regulations and competition policies of the telecommunication and transportation markets from both theoretical and empirical aspects.

My study focuses on the clarification of characteristics and issues arising from strategic alliances among regional small and medium sized manufacturers.
NAKAZONO Yoshiyuki

Associate Professor
I study macroeconomics. I am interested in the interaction between economy and expectations formed by economic entities.

Game theory and its applications: I have been working on mixed oligopoly where private and public firms compete with one another and services are vertically differentiated.

My research focuses on examining workplace conflict arising from cultural differences, as well as human resource development to promote effective cooperation in Japanese companies expanding into Asia. Leveraging the experience of working for a Japanese company over a long period of time which also included assignments abroad, I have been releasing research results on practical and effective use of human resources to Japanese companies operating abroad.
OSAWA Masatoshi

Studies on land ownership theory: In my research up to now, I have examined land ownership through multilateral, historical, and experimental analysis of the agricultural laws that have been enacted since the Meiji era (such as the former Civil Code, Farmland Adjustment Law, and Agricultural Land Act), while also making a comparison between land laws of Great Britain. My current research is focused on examining forestland ownership using similar research methods.

Associate Professor
My research fields are international trade and industrial organization.
In particular, I am focusing on the following topics;
- Impacts of the difference in products' safety criteria on international trade.
- Pricing behaviour under declining demands.

System analysis of urban and social issues:
- Integrated application of geographical information/optimization of electoral districts/relationship between regional characteristics and voting behaviours in electoral districts
Theory on urban policies and urban management:
- Environmental impact assessment/consensus formation/model analysis of regional and urban planning

Associate Professor
I specialize in Marketing Theory and consumer behaviour analysis. In particular, my research concerns branding theories and case studies. My own research topic involves studying symbolic consumption, specifically, Self-expression in Consumer Behaviour.

Study on happiness levels based on behavioural economics and evaluation of relevant policies:
I research the attributes of individuals, social networks, and effects of policies on people's happiness by asking the question, “When you look at yourself on the whole, are you happy?”
SUI Qingyuan

-Actions by Japanese banks
-Finance of small to medium-size firms
-China's finance system

Associate Professor
I mainly study income taxation, such as corporate income tax and individual income tax within the tax law. I examine the effects of tax on the behaviours and decision-making of taxpayers.
WADA Junichiro

Public choice theory: Chiefly, study on electoral systems

Associate Professor
Study on social foundation and commercial education at the time of the Yokohama Port opening: Following the Treaty of Amity and Commerce Between the United States and Japan, Yokohama opened its port in 1859 to become the most significant trading centre of Japan. People looking for business opportunities rushed to Yokohama from all over Japan, giving rise to a new social foundation. The Yokohama School of Commerce (the current Yokohama Commercial High School and Yokohama City University) was founded in 1882 to respond to the need to nurture individuals equipped with foreign trade skills. My study focuses on such social foundation and commercial education.

- Designing medical resource redistribution for regeneration of regional health care and development of required human resources
- The true nature of conflicts that arise between local residents in the face of social capital management

Associate Professor
My research fields are diversity management and organizational knowledge creation in terms of narrative approach.