_-Spectrin (FDRN)

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_-Spectrin (FDRN) was first described in the erythrocyte in which it reinforces the cell membrane by cross linking ankyrin and protein 4.1. Nonerythroid _II-spectrin and its close homolog, _-fodrin, form elongated double stranded filaments. Each strand consists of segments of triple stranded _-helices that are formed by the strand going forward, back, forward. The two EF-hands at the C-terminus impart a calcium sensitive [44] interaction with actin and other cytosolic proteins [45]. The first domains of ACTN and FDRN are most closely related; their second EF-hands are also quite similar to one another. Portions of the non-EF-hand regions of ACTN and FDRN appear to be related; the two are placed in distinct subfamilies because of their different interactions with the cytoskeleton.