The Graduate School of Medicine aims to contribute to the development of society by nurturing students into individuals who can make valuable contributions to both local and global society and through innovative research. To accomplish these goals, the school strives to develop more advanced academic knowledge and practical skills from a foundation of medical and scientific knowledge and technology.


Message from the Dean

Current medical science and medical services have been established based on long-term research activity in the past. Yet, many unsolved issues regarding the mechanisms underlying the human life and spirit remain, and there are patients who cannot be cured. In addition, changes in social environment such as a rapid increase in aged population are causing new medical problems.

The mission of Yokohama City University Graduate School of Medicine is to develop high-level research skills among medical doctors, nurses, and future medical researchers through its Master’s Degree and Doctoral Degree Programs. Students will understand research ethics and acquire the knowledge and ability to reveal new scientific findings.

A Register Extending System permits medical doctors, nurses, and other professionals to take the graduate school courses while working, and allows tuition reduction under certain conditions. The Department of Nursing offers the Master’s Degree Program that includes various courses to become nurse specialists, and the department has just launched the Doctoral Degree Program in 2018.

In addition to its educational role, the Graduate School of Medicine functions as a research institution to challenge unsolved medical problems and to advance the discipline, thereby contributing to the establishment of better human health from the viewpoint of Yokohama city, the nation, or the world.

The Yokohama City University School of Medicine has been equipped with the seamless system to pursue basic, translational, applied, practical, and clinical research. Owing to the recent rapid progress in research technology, we can now obtain comprehensive data on entire genes, proteins, and so on. By analyzing these big data by mathematical statistics, new mechanisms on life and diseases can be revealed. In fact, through such an approach, we are developing multiple innovative diagnostic tests and therapies.

"Clinical medicine is for patients in front of you, whereas medical education and research are for patients you can’t see.” are the words spoken by a Professor of our graduate school. By cooperating with our university’s Advanced Medical Research Center, YCU Center for Novel, Exploratory Clinical Trials (Y-NEXT), and Advanced Medical Promotion Center, we shall pursue high-level education and research to establish new medical science and medical services for Yokohama city citizens and ultimately for people all over the world.